looking at other peoples work

Anne Geddes is the world’s principal baby photographer; she started in humble beginnings opening her first studio in 1988 in Auckland NZ. She was primarily a Portrait photographer but dedicated one day a month to created some thing for herself. In 1990 she took the image of twins “Rhys and Grant” this was the image that got her noticed.

By 1992 she had a range of greeting cards, then began her collection of books that she produced today she has a total of 22 book such as, My little pumpkin, This little baby, Lullaby & a good night, Little blessings and My first year some of these are photobook with corresponding quotes, some are story books and baby record books.

Down in the garden was on the NY times best seller book list and sold over one and a half million copies it was published in 83 countries. To date she has sold over 18 million books and 13 million calendars worldwide.

There is much merchandise with Anne Geddes branding including Yearly calendar, Puzzles, Posters, Costumes and


Her images can be bought from pixel.com

Anne Geddes has won many awards for her work including Honorary Fellowship with the New Zealand institute of professional photographers (NZIPP) and a lifetime membership in the professional photographers of America Association.

Her props are custom made by hand these have included things like an oversized shoe, and the fish costume which was hand painted.

The seahorse from the Under The Sea shoot was made to scale. The seahorse was built to be wider at the back, with a soft memory foam alcove carved out for the baby to lie on.

This shows on set and after all of the processing and editing the finished images.