Market research.

My strengths are that I’m very disciplined in the way I work; I like to be well organized and have things all in place. I have good communication skills and I feel confident in what I’m doing.

My weakness would be that I give too much and will work longer hours.

I will be able to do a majority of the work myself from promoting myself, taking bookings, setting up and all the necessary photography. I will employ an accountant I would possibly employ a photo editor in time.

My customer base and target market will primarily be pregnant women and young families.

I don’t feel I have any immediate competition in my direct area but within 25 mile there are lots of other studios offering a similar experience.

I plan on making a package for £200 this is what people are prepared to pay according to my market research results. I live in an area where there is lots of new build affordable housing taking place; this is going to attract young families and will help to add to my customer base.

I think I offer a unique service to my customers, no two images are the same I have a vast range of props and backgrounds although the trend at he moment tents to be B& W nude shots. Most of my customers have been through recommendations or people have seen my work and make direct enquires.

From my market research I have found that the most lightly time someone would request a photo shoot would be after the birth of a baby, the second would be a maternity shoot. A studio shoot is the most preferred with the use of props in an image a second choice. Most people find a photographer through word of mouth or a search engine. I offered several choices for a package and these all came out equally. I also discovered that most people have the images taken for their own viewing followed by using them on social media, the average distance people would be willing to travel was 20–30 miles for the right photographer paying £200 for the experience.

I created an online questionnaire where i asked several questions.


What kind of shoot would you prefer?

Studio — environmental- with props- plain portrait.


How do you choose a photographer?

Recommendation — looking at websites — social media advert — search engine.


Who do you want images for?

Self — Grandparent — Other family — to share on social media — to make gifts