A Mindset Shift

Stick with me here because this is a big one — and if you implement it, it’ll make you happy.

Let me first start by telling you a story

You know, at some point, I just got overwhelmed. 
I got overwhelmed by all the tactics, strategies, concepts, and activities, etc. All the things you try to do to GET results harder, better, faster, stronger.
As if you really needed them in the first place. That’s ego my friend. That’s what it is, at its core. Just people trying to make themselves feel special, or like they’re important, or like other people care, or whatever other bullshit ego thing they do.
Ever since, all I want to do is just to share my gifts. Without thinking about it. Without trying to get anything in return. Without anything really. Just me saying what I have to say. Doing what I have to do. Giving what I have to give. I just ordered Gary Vaynerchuk’s book The Thank You Economy. I’m going to read it just for the sake of it. 
And I want him to know, I will be shining a light of good in the world, and a part of that good comes from him. 
He doesn’t need to know anything else. I’m just a random guy producing content on the internet, trying to make this world a better place

I actually sent him an email, by the way.

The Mindset Shift

So what do we take away from this story ?

The Mindset Shift I keep talking about is simple :

It’s moving away from a place of Deficiency — where all you do is just trying to GET stuff from the world — and into a place of Being — where you just live your life for the sake of it.

That and nothing else. Just live your life Because It’s Your Life. What else do you need ? Seriously, don’t you already have more than you need already ? Isn’t your life already magnificent ? Isn’t it already extraordinary ?

If you answered no to any of these questions, try to stop your thoughts for a second, and try to entertain, just for a second, that you might be lying to yourself.

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