How Am I Ever Gonna Make $50'000/yr ?

This morning, my mom told my dad about a girl who was making $50'ooo/yr as a Ph.D. candidate.

He said he thought that was very little. Too little in fact.

I am shocked. My top 5 goal right now is to earn $50'000/yr. And I find this goal extremely difficult to accomplish. I know I’ll be able to accomplish that when I have a strong following base, and people on my email list, but still.

The fact that my dad says 50'000 is little is shocking to me ! What the fuck is wrong with him ?

No wonder he never succeeded as an entrepreneur. He was way too short-sided. He thought he needed to make way more.

Still, I’d like to adopt his perspective for a second. It’s true that setting this money goal has helped me develop a motivation for success. A thrust for excellence. I really want to provide massive value to people, I’m really passionate about helping people raise their consciousness to their maximum potential. I am supremely focused towards being great at business and marketing and, most importantly, life purpose.

And part of that is this money goal. Now, I’m not particularly attached to making a lot of money. Nor do I think it’s going to fulfill me. But I include it and go beyond it.

Also, I’ve found that I have a really mature approach to the creative process right now. I moved past the resistance, and yes it’s going to take a while before I reap the fruits of my emotional labor, but still.