“Nobody reads my stuff anyways…”

That, to me, is the most freeing affirmation you can possibly make.

Think about it.

If nobody reads it, that means there really are no rules as to what you “should” do !!!

There really are no rules. You can do anything you possibly want !!

In the introduction to The Lean Startup, Eric Ries tells a story.

The story of how he and his team asked for feedback to beta testers and didn’t give any kind of a FUCK about it.

They only asked themselves the following question :
Does this piece of feedback work with our vision of our product ?

And that’s really only what you should do.

Your really only should :

1. Play around
2. Have fun
3. Not give a fuck
4. Ask yourself whether or not you really want it
5. Admit to yourself that you don't really want it
6. Figure out what you actually want
7. Accept your current reality
8. Lose your sense of ego - one more time
9. Don't take it personally.
“Here’s pretty good advice for life : Don’t take it personally” — Neil Strauss.

I’m not kidding you about that last quote. He actually said it at a David Deangelo Seminar. You can look it up on YouTube.

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