“What Am I Going To Blog About Today ?”

119 days ago, I decided to write a blog post everyday, for the rest of my life. No exceptions.

A while back, I decided to make my posts public, here on Medium.

2 minutes ago, I asked myself : “What am I going to blog about today ?”

A lot of people would stop at “I don’t know what to blog about”…

…but they haven’t made the 100% commitment needed for them to come up with that answer.

I don’t care if I don’t know what to blog about. I know that if I just sit in front of that blank page, I’ll come up with something.

Or they stop at “I don’t know how to write a good blog post”…

…and the same principle applies.

The only obstacle standing in your way of taking consistent action is that 100% commitment. The only obstacle standing in your way of succeeding is taking consistent action.

Are you making that choice ? When ?