An Old Kid around the block

I am that kid. Not moving around the block. I would love to, yet I am an expert blocker myself. Blocking and creating ways for pushing things out, on my own accord. One does feel that there is a constant sense of accomplishment coming along the way and the wait is over. That wait is stringed to that ‘coming of the ages’ feeling. Never done.

I will keep pushing. Keep writing. Keep the words coming in. Welcome them as my friends. Each have their place. That play of light through the sacred darkness, like words with blank spaces, is indeed enamouring. No matter what, will show up in these pages, will represent my comprehension in that way it suites.

Like any other alternative path, moving over writer’s block is resource intensive. Least of all, there is nagging sense of low self esteem which adds on to the load. Never ‘Move Over’ the writer’s block. Rather get around it. Its a fractal of your existence. Not something falling from a far away place. So treat it like one of your own. Examine it. ‘Move around’ it.

you might find that this writer’s block is more of a ‘living block’. One that pertains to larger scheme of things and not just inking the paper. If not, good for you. Get the damn pen and start writing.

Rest of us, let’s start treating writer’s block as ‘living block’. It might be represented in different facets of our life, from relationship to career. Start looking for this ‘writer block’ fractal in each and every interaction that you have. You might notice different allotropes of this resistance. Right from not wanting to talk to a co-worker to being passively annoyed with everything.

Observe these resistances and start working on them. First up accept these resistances. Next observe your body as you enact the reactions to these resistances. Unshackle yourself during these moments and do something which can be totally counter-intuitive. That might be the key to your larger living gateway. Open it, everyone deserves a ‘larger than life’ life.