pictures from the chosen film — Andy Warhol’s Empire

My film is called ‘Metropolis’, recording the activities in the city from day to night, which utilized the technique given in the lecture that a single static long shot which shows an atmospheric change or records movement. The example of this technique is the ‘Empire’. This film was directed by Andy Warhol in 1964. It consists of continuous slow motion. However I try to shot the film in high speed. I used time-lapse, a sort of photography skill, to express the movement and activity by using my smart phones. Meanwhile, the reason why I shot the film during the whole day is that change of light great influences the effect of the film, which shows the sharp contrast between day and night. Moreover, I turn the whole film into black and white so as to build a kind of atmosphere to illustrate the bustling city. I shot the film in three different sites, the crossroads in front of the Queen Victoria Building, the plaza of city Westfield and Market street in front of the city Westfield as a result of the steady stream of people. Furthermore, I applied two shooting angles which are eye-level shot and overhead shot. Eye-level shot better expresses the movement of human and vehicles, and overhead shot more focuses on the whole scene including the movement and the buildings. At last, I classify the scenes by day and night, so that it shows more obvious contrast.

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