Photograph and frame

Three Ezra Stoller’s works

Ezra Stoller was an architectural photographer, who was famous for the meticulous and perseverance that I appreciate a lot. From Stoller’s perspective, photography was expected to be the medium that best acknowledge the architecture. Thus, the large number of his works illustrate the best aspects of the building. Stoller indicated that the core of the photograph is about space, light and texture, which indeed helps me come up with my own ideas. As we can see from these photographs, the building by utilizing modern constructing material and concept in order to express hyper-contemporary subjects. From the outside, each floor has been equally separated by exterior wall structure. These four buildings all adopt glass as material, which enable lights go into the building and to be more transparency. The sunlight apparently depicts the outline of the building and exposes the line of structure. All of these buildings could be considered as the contemporary outcomes. Furthermore, the reason why I shot the picture in black and white is that black provides the feeling of simple, clean and elegant just like Ezra Stoller’s works.