Sound and ambiance

The strategy I choose is “As an abstract mathematical composition that follows the geometry

buildings”. Through listening and understanding Iannis Xenakis’s Metastaseis (1955), I generate my record by following his steps. ‘Iannis Xenakis was an important post-World War II composer He integrated music with architecture, and designing spaces to be integrated with music.’ When hearing about city, the first thing jumping into my mind is the stream of people and trendy traffic. so when i walk on the street, i got the inspiration. I decided to record some strong or weak beats and rhythm. Therefore, I found the pavement light because the sound of pavement light is regular and with strong or weak rhythm. Also I record the sound of the traffic which definitely represents the word “city”. Furthermore, people in the space are also ignorable, thus I put the sound of the performance of a busker as a background sound. Now let’s talk about my drawing. I got the inspiration from the graph of function, I drew the coordinate axis first. And then I drew several broken lines to consist the the graph of function. Finally, the several graph of function is overlaps, which form lots of geometrical shapes.



Wikipedia n.d., Iannis Xenakis, viewed 1 June 2016


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