Protest App Launch Roundup: What You Need to Know About Tangelo’s New WalkWoke iOS App

Tangelo announced two weeks ago today the global launch of WalkWoke, the first iOS app that enables citizens to fight for equality using impactful artwork and customized, printable protest posters. WalkWoke makes it easy to stand up and make a difference by empowering users to create impactful protest signs with their own powerful slogans and ultimately unite positive energy and mobilize social and political change.

WalkWoke is an app for creating, printing and sharing protest signs that support the fight for women’s equality, immigration rights, disability rights, civil rights, health care equality, environmental justice, LGBTQIA rights and more.

WalkWoke’s gallery of over 50 unique protest signs makes it possible for anyone to stand up and make a difference. Each poster is centered around powerful and empathetic artwork drawn by real artists of the Resistance. WalkWoke’s powerful protest signs allow activists to take a stand against hatred, violence, and ignorance. You can get up to speed by reading the press release.

Download WalkWoke yourself and let us know what you think!

WalkWoke app with example posters

Top Accomplishments During Launch (WalkWoke)

  • Launched our WalkWoke’s website, iOS app and grassroots social media campaigns.
  • Product Hunt: WalkWoke was featured and we were included in the Top 10 products of the day with over 200 upvotes.
  • Product Hunt: Marco Castro-Bonjorquez, Activist & Documentary Filmmaker: “I thank the creators of this effort, for some of us, it represents a symbol of solidarity!
  • Notice of WalkWoke’s release was picked up by over 200 new outlets in 3 countries, garnering over 1 million impressions.

Several articles outlining background behind the app’s development were published in our blog and our employees also felt compelled to share their motivations:

Added App Features

  • An app update was released within the first two weeks of launch to improve poster effectiveness and user interaction. Updates included more font options, more pronounced display of artwork, UX/UI improvements, and view counts per poster.

Premise Behind WalkWoke

  • Tangelo also published a second news release, driving over 85 thousand impressions.
  • What’s most notable here is how Tangelo explains how their entire premise as a technology company founded and built by immigrants and women is to challenge the status-quo in fighting the inequalities and injustices faced by its developers.
  • Tangelo embraces diversity and makes a conscious effort to integrate it into company culture and hiring processes. Tangelo integrates multiple diversity factors in the hiring process including race, gender identity, age, socioeconomic background, education, health status and personality/character.

Share Your Voice

Why You Should Be Excited

  • Developers and innovators are excited to witness the continued impact of WalkWoke as we support the upcoming 2018 Women’s Marches and the dozens of other Resistance Movement and grassroots protests to follow in cities including, but not limited to: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Denver.

Some More Early Impressions

Initial feedback was AMAZING.

Twitter: A Great App, Women’s March CT shares some early thoughts on WalkWoke:

“Love your app! Great resistance graphics!!”

Twitter: We love this, Jennifer Brown, best selling Author of “#Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change,” and more, shares:

“Women’s March January 20th tweeps! Great new product”

Facebook: Lauren McElrath shares:

“New iOS app called WalkWoke! Launched by Tangelo, it’s fully birthed and designed by women and immigrants to drive human rights changes with art-based protest signs.
It’s the first Resistance Movement app for promoting empathy through emotionally charged social and political art with customizable slogans to drive change at marches, protests, rallies and online in social media.”

Facebook: Aliso Niguel Democratic Club and Jean Harper share:

“A new app for creating signs and posters for the upcoming Women’s Marches (and all other future protests because we must resist). Download it and use it to create your signs”
“so many thanks for posting this! Going to Kinko’s today to have them made into posters for the March. Yay!”

Should I Use It?

Absolutely. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter,” writes Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. WalkWoke posters empower every single person to stand up for cases close to home with customizable protest signs advocating for a variety of important topics, including: Women’s Rights, Immigration Rights, Healthcare Equality, Supporting Science, Net Neutrality, Equal Rights, Children’s Rights & Protecting Future Generations, Disability Rights, Civil Rights Issues, Racism & Inequality, LGBTQIA Rights, Domestic Violence, Human Rights Injustices and more.

Onwards and Upwards

  • Due to high demand, a number of app features are on the table or are currently in the works:
  • Event notifications
  • Social media scheduling
  • Expanding print capabilities
  • How-to-use video
  • Posters and topic expansion
  • Additionally, the WalkWoke support website is being updated to address common questions.

National & Global Attention

  • Uptake of WalkWoke has been substantial, as word of WalkWoke appeared in news outlets in seven different countries.
  • Additionally, WalkWoke recently participated in a Roanoke, Virginia WFIR local radio talk show interview as well as an interview by NewsWatch, a technology update show airing on The AMC Network.

A Little Advice

  • Identify the protest in which you plan to participate before selecting your poster. This will help you narrow down the category of available to topics to search within.
  • Stuck on what to write as a slogan? Poster titles are meant to jolt your thought process and in some cases, can serve as a title in and of themselves.
  • Be on the lookout for our notification enhancement, which will let you know about upcoming protests.

How To Get Started

1. Select a Meaningful Cause.

Choose from causes that reflect resistance and activism against inequalities, injustices, hatred, violence, and ignorance.

2. Choose an Art Background.

Choose from a large gallery of unique protest templates created by real artists and designed to both inspire empathy and drive real change

3. Customize Your Poster.

Add your own powerful slogan to effect change at marches, protests and rallies. Print at home, your local print center or share share online.

4. Use Your Poster in the Real World.

Use your WalkWoke protest sign to stand up and actively drive change at marches, protests, rallies and in social media

Stand up for equality and justice for all. Make a difference. Join the Resistance.

Download WalkWoke from the App Store today.