Tangent Ambassador Programme: Join the Tangent Revolution

An opening palm to Cardano Network appreciators
  1. Join our Telegram Announcement Channel
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  3. Read our Ambassador Programme Guidelines
  4. Apply to be an Ambassador today
  5. Have an opportunity to earn rewards!

Why should you become a Tangent ambassador?

  • Campaign for a responsible digital Art economy: Tangent is a permission-less token which brings together governance, utility and a stabilizing factor in the rapidly evolving Art & finance blockchain industry. Work with us to support our artist-first, community-led vision.
  • Earn Rewards: Receive grants and kickbacks for doing your part and for completing specific tasks.
  • Be Part of the Extended Team: Be part of a larger community of Cardano blockchain enthusiasts and be a key contributor to Tangent.
  • Connect with Tangent community members: Discuss updates, progressions, fixes with others members, leasing with the first-hand developers to fix possible glitches or errors with our Dapps.
  • Gain experience in the industry: Build real-world experience in the blockchain field and gain new marketable skills to help you in your career. As an ambassador, we may well post your picture and bio on our website too.

So, what should a Tangent ambassador be?

  • You’re a blockchain enthusiast, artist, leader, Cardano lover, an influencer, or expert.
  • You’re passionate about the merging or Art with Finance. You support transparency and understand the positive impact that DeFi can have on the consumer
  • Flexibility is key. You can be technical, or not. Artist, or not. You can be outgoing and excited for in-person events, or not. But one thing is for sure: You’re passionate about blockchain tech, Cardano, Art & Finance and the Tangent project in general.

The role of an ambassador

There’s no one-size-fits-all to how to be an Ambassador, but some examples of activities you can lead include:

  • Promote Tangent through conventions. We plan to host meet-up events across Europe and futher afield to raise the profile of Tangent. We would provide the opportunity for our ambassadors to come and join us at these events
  • Create content across a variety of languages. We are ambitious and our current team spans numerous countries and backgrounds. As the Tangent community continues to grow we anticipate a need to have content translated. We’re especially interested in expanding further in Asia. So we expect Vietnamese, Cantonese, Putonghua, Korean etc to be first. Please do apply and make note of your ability level
  • Be a voice of reason for the Tangent Community. In the near future we expect to require both moderators and promotors from within the organisation

Be rewarded!

Tangent Ambassadors will be entitled to a plethora of perks including ecosystem rewards and team-confidential information regarding possible plans and release dates or projects.

  • Rewards in Native Token: Bring new users to the Tangent community through social media channels and meet-ups and you’ll be eligible to be rewarded in $TANG.
  • Work with the founding team: Certain tasks maybe assigned to you based on your expertise. We ask for flexible, dedicated ambassadors!
  • Ambassador Ranking: We plan to make public a list of the top Tangent Ambassadors for all to see! With your agreement we would also provide your picture and social media handles.



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