Cardano Summit 2022 Debrief

Lausanne, Switzerland 📍

Tangent Co-Founders Ben Gordon & Clint Alexander as well as soon to showcase NFT artist “Poon” were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Cardano Summit 2022 in person, in Lausanne, Switzerland a week before last.

It was the teams first opportunity to network and physically meet a number of the other project leads & teams developing on Cardano.

This article shall offer an insight into the knowledge gained and showcase a selection of the conferences, workshops and parties 🔥 that the team were fortunate to attend over the long weekend.

From Geneva we jumped the hours train to Lausanne. After a very scenic journey around Lac Léman we were greeted by a stunning sunset upon arrival. Keeping true to our Asian roots, team $TANG thought it necessary to sample the Tibetan Momo’s at the fantastic MOMO HOUSE SARL. We are glad to report that a number of other Cardano Summit-er’s also visited the joint afterwards and similarly highly approved of their offerings.

What a location of choice from the Cardano Summit team. A stunningly beautiful city / country with super helpful and friendly inhabitants.

Day 1 of the Summit

An early start meant we arrived in time for the grand welcoming by Frederik Gregaard. Day 1 revolved around the topic of Building Cardano. Coffee was the order of choice early on, bootstrapping our energy for the day ahead.

We headed up to the NFT Gallery and were fortunate enough to see some samples of our artwork ( The Cardanaires by dope artist Kwrtz, dropping imminently — exact date tbc) being displayed in all their glory. This came of great satisfaction to the team as a whole; being recognised for our contributions to the NFT scene on Cardano after just a year or so of #BuildingOnCardano.

Just before lunch we were fortunate to attend informative panel discussions regarding:

  • The Future of Web3 and Staking
  • Blockchain & Banking

The afternoon brought more networking opportunities, catching up with familiar faces and further exploration of the vast space that Cardano took over, within the Swisstech Convention Center.

Day 2 of the Summit

A few weary faces post Gala the night before, did not stop a productive day of further networking and panel discussions. Day 2 was certainly of more benefit to us as a team with topics based around #BuildingOnCardano.

We were able to have talks with numerous organisations including the LCX team — our fully regulated token sale platform of choice and also Patrick, Co-Founder of NMKR. Tangent will be implementing some of NMKRs robust toolset as we approach our Genesis NFT launch.

(Keep an eye out for Patrick’s very own NFT within our Cardanaires series!)

With lunch out of the way it was time to see Ms. Dumpling, Lenna, Issy & Hosky discuss all things branding. It should be acknowledged that the named above have done a fantastic job in building out their brands both within Cardano and further a field. Some key takeaways certainly for Tangent during this period.

With the afternoon progressing, thoughts were moving to the mammoth evening ahead. It was going to be a long one with double after parties and free flowing liquid throughout…
However it would not be a Cardano Summit without a motivational and inspirational closing speech from Charles himself. The span of topics was broad and not always crypto related; a pleasant change. Listening to Charles speak in the flesh, just solidified our prior feelings that putting our trust in this chain, that this man developed, was wholeheartedly the right decision to make.

Throwing Down Shapes

We wont go into too much detail regarding the parties (as you had to be there to experience) but instead will share a few snippets from them both. Big love to the SummitOnTheSide team for organising.

It was great to let the hair down somewhat post a tiring, if not highly beneficial number of days networking. We are strong believers in the power of informal discussions to cement connections and we are pleased to say that some long overdue commitments were made!

Day 3: Fond Farewell

Sympathy was now in abundance for the day 2 post Gala ‘sore-head-folk’….Hosky’s Low Quality S*** beer was not so S*** at giving you a headache the morning after!

We departed Lausanne following the scenic route back to Geneva. A quick one night stay in Geneva, yet another beautiful city and off we were back to implement some of the knowledge gained throughout our time spent in Switzerland.

Thank For Having Us.

Until Next Time…

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