The Cardanaires Launch Date Announcement

📅 3rd February 2023

Japan based bohemian artist Kwrtz and Tangent Protocol have partnered to bring investors a chance to engage in a one-of-a-kind digital asset collection on the Cardano blockchain. The Cardanaires Genesis NFT (non-fungible token) project introduces 5555 personalized assets, uniquely combining both artistic value and staking capability.

The Cardanaires edition is ideal for any art collector looking for something more than the traditional NFT art available via auction or whitelists on most major blockchains today. Instead, each artwork is packed full of utlity allowing the holder to earn varying farming rewards within the Tangent Protocol NFT farm (mainnet launch scheduled for Q1 2023).

The Power of The Cardanaires

The minting cost is priced at a competitive 190 ADA (approx. 60 USD). However each NFT has a different staking power within the NFT Farm, according to their individual rarity and edition (GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE), and the minting is randomly assigned to each user in a lucky draw format.

Below is an example of the possible rewards up for grab through holding a Hoskinson Genesis Edition with Gold being the rarest (0.09%).
Information regarding staking rewards for all NFTs within the collection can be viewed via the Cardanaires website.

Charles Hoskinson the creator of Cardano

Other possible benefits of purchasing these art pieces include the artistic value alone — with each piece being hand-drawn and taking in excess of 16 hours to create. Within each digital assets there are hidden riddles for the collector to decipher. Holding each NFT will allow the collector to access locked, private groups within Tangent Protocols Discord server and even an airdrop entitlement at a later date.

Art lovers and blockchain enthusiast will revel in curated artwork, which combines traditional elements with distinctive complexity and enigmas inspired by mathematics, eastern spirituality and the contribution of each Cardanaires within society.

Commenting on the launch of this unique project, Japan based bohemian artist Kwrtz said:

Together with Tangent Protocol he has created something that offers crypto investors returns beyond potential price appreciation but also access to exclusive events, farming rewards and whitelisting to future campaigns and NFT mints.

With each purchase, buyers will be issued NFTs from the Cardanaires Genesis collection containing artist value, staking capability and eligibility into an upcoming airdrop of tokens with use case within the Tangent Protocol.

The DAO will be controlled by the NFT holders who will decided how the funds are allocated and utilized in the future via on-chain governance. The community will have the deciding vote via Tangent Protocol’s Twitter regarding the exact mint time closer to the launch. You can take part in this thoughtfully crafted artistic experiment by joining the public mint on the 3rd of February here.

Hoskinson Gold Reveal Video

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