Managing vendors, field staff, reporting and clients efficiently

Businesses have long been dependent on advertising as a mode of driving sales and strengthening brand recall. However, lately, a lot of attention is being given to events as an alternative tool for achieving this twin objective. Companies are investing significantly in events; so much so that it is now referred to as experiential marketing, since events are designed to give the physical experience.

As per studies, 41% marketers believe that events are the single-most effective marketing channel over digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing; this reflects a 32% increase since…

Noisy groups and full of clutter?

Effective communication is significant for managers, team leaders and business owners, to ensure sustenance of their business. Lack of proper communication can have a direct negative impact on business, as communication determines the clarity of briefs, the precision with which goals of a company are distilled down to the last level of work structure, and, of course, the way work is conducted. Needless to say, simpler communication leads to less misunderstanding, increased team spirit and clear direction of work.

Interestingly, and ironically, due to increase in digitization, and in turn increase in the number…

Transparency and Communication breakdowns with Clients?

The success of a business is patently centred around its clients. It would not be incorrect to say that clients define the contours of a business, and the framework within which it operates. To manage and service the clients well, thus, becomes an imperative. Client Management and Client Servicing broadly come under the same umbrella from a business perspective. Simply put, both these parameters relate to catering to external clients and building a positive relationship with them.

Like every facet of business, this one too comes with its unique set of challenges. You may…

Processes, policies and repositories

The consulting industry has seen a visible year-on-year growth in the last few years. This growth rate, however, has differed from market to market — a gap especially visibly in the mature and emerging markets. The global consulting sector, however, is one of the largest in the professional services industries, with a total value of around $250 million. The industry revenue is anticipated to expand at an annualized 3.4% to $259.4 billion over the five years to 2019, including expected growth of 3.2% in 2019.

The growth for the industry is largely attributed to the professional…

Pending approvals and long task list?

The banking industry is among those to have been drastically affected by disruptive technologies. With increased competition from Fintech companies, ever-changing business models, rules and regulations changes etc, the industry is seeing a constant shift in the way it operates. Interestingly, in 2017 alone, retail banks in the US spent $20.2 billion on digital transformation, and that’s expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.5% into 2020. …

Keep track on field, and on desk.

The Insurance industry in the country has seen major growth in the last decade, especially in the context of how it was perceived earlier. Aligned to this growth, the industry has also introduced a large number of advanced products, along with substantial investment in technology to upgrade its daily tasks. This has also led to many new businesses setting up shop in this industry, thus further accelerating the pace of growth.

In FY19 (up to October 2018), premium from new life insurance business increased 3.66 per cent year-on-year to Rs 1.09 trillion (US$…

Data Security and Privacy has always been — to individuals, and more so to businesses, of any shape, size and nature. Data security concerns go beyond the IT industry overall. Any organization that uses or gathers customer information or data needs to have security and privacy controls. Most businesses today rely on data storage and transactions as their daily operations rely on them. Data, used the way it should be — increases business profitability as well as efficiency. That also has potential security threats, which is why it is an important part of any business.

Studies also claim that 30%…

Data dashboards, as the term commonly used is — has picked light in recent times, as it keeps employees engaged, and hence eventually happy.

Nobody wants their employees to look at their job as ‘just another job’ ideally, and hence most organizations are always on the look out for ways to keep their employees engaged through various activities at work. Perks, higher salaries, more benefits keep employees satisfied while they’re at the organization, but the ultimate satisfaction happens when employees feel that they’re adding value to the organisation and being productive.

Creating a whole sense of purpose and having everyone…

“Content is king.”

“It is not ‘what’ you say, but ‘how’ you say it that matters.”

“Don’t just say anything for the sake of saying it.”

We’ve all heard the above, and many more phrases or quotes around content. Everything today is about content — about what we’re communicating and how. Good content — is not about what your target audience wants to read, but what you want to communicate to them — and what you want them to perceive of it.

Engaging, informative, innovative and quality content are what everyone is looking for these days. Adults spend most of…

Every organisation, irrespective of size and nature of business, has a whole lot of processes based on which it functions. Back in the day, everything was done manually — from routine ledger entries, to attendance, to work management, to tracking sales and everything that happens at an organisation. With the rapidly changing and growing technologies, a whole lot of work can now be streamlined and done better, thanks to tools available in the market.

At a large enterprise that has multiple departments, layers of hierarchy and different verticals working on different projects or recurring tasks, the use of collaboration tools…


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