Organised access to Repositories

Feb 11 · 2 min read

Folders, sub folders, further sub folders, files and many versions of each file — that’s a relatable story for every employee! Whenever a fellow colleague, junior or senior needs a file — we end up going through an entire chain of folders to get to that one file.

Often times, given the constant change at any workplace, we end up creating various versions of the same file — and in many cases, if someone was to fish for the final version after some weeks, it turns into a herculean task. Needless to say, we also end up passing the buck because multiple people end up working on the same file too!

Well, that’s where many work collaboration tools come handy, and can assist you organize yourself better. Tangish — helps you do that, and with its simplicity to use and understand, searching for files becomes child play.

Across different tasks and sub tasks created, and files exchanged with messages, Tangish also acts as a repository of all your important files, in an organized manner with ease. Tasks that are split project wise, client wise, vendor wise, or in any manner — can have all the files organized better. This eases day to day operations at the work place, as everyone assigned on a particular task can work better, and doesn’t have to keep track of a whole trail of emails to find any version of a file worked on.

Also, there are some standard files that might need to be stored at a place — for example, company policies for the HR to share with a new recruit. Files can be stored and kept at one place, and that behaves like a repository of files and documents that can be accessed as and when required. The same may also be updated and the final ones can be kept there — access to the files can be restricted and amended as per need of the hour. Similarly, sales collaterals, marketing POS etc. can be saved as per use and requirement.

With organizing all our files and collaterals at work, and all at one place, on one tool — work life not only becomes stress free, it also means higher productivity and and a happier work environment!

What you Tangish, you accomplish!

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