Climate actions we can all take

September is a busy month for climate action. On the 8th, hundreds of groups will come together around the world to Rise for Climate. On the 12th, the Global Climate Action Summit will gather influential global leaders to step up climate action to help businesses and governments realise the historic Paris Agreement.

The main ask for Rise for Climate is for governments and businesses to divest from fossil fuels, which still contribute to 25% of global carbon emissions. To ensure a future for our next generations, we need to decarbonise. Here are some of the actions we can take to support a 100% renewables future.

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Use our purchasing power

  • Switch your energy provider to a renewable energy supplier such as Bulb, OVO, Good Energy, Ecotricity etc.
  • Think circular and practice the 5Rs of waste hierarchy — Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle (or 6Rs: rot / compost food scraps).
  • Use public transport, especially for short, traffic-logged trips.
  • Consider the environmental impact of your diet and consume less meat and more plant-based foods.

Use your vote

Use your investments

  • Ask your pension fund how they are investing YOUR funds & ask them to invest in climate-friendly investments. ShareAction is one such organisation helping to empower savers.
  • Spare cash? Look for ways to invest responsibly.

Use your influence

  • Have climate conversation with your friends, family and acquaintances.
  • Lobby businesses and community organisations (e.g. schools) to move to 100% renewables. One way for businesses to commit to 100% renewables is through the RE100 initiative.
  • Check your local council’s investment in fossil fuels and fracking and ask them to divest.

Join forces

There are many organisations mobilising people to campaign for climate action. Here are some you can contact:

  • Climate Reality is a diverse group of passionate activities, community leaders, organisers, scientists, storytellers and everyday people who’ve come together to encourage climate action and facilitate climate conversations.
  • Campaign against Climate Change is a national campaign for urgent climate action.
  • Fossil Free UK can help you call for your local authority to divest from fracking and other fossil fuels.