The Health in African food and how it affects the people in poverty

It is believed that African food is very healthy, even though Africa has be dealing with so much poverty for so many years. The African people care about what they are consuming and the affects it will have on their bodies. While most communities in poverty don’t have access to most of these things and are low on food and health supplies. “In Africa all ingredients can be found nearby on the continent. They are easily grown at substance forms not far from home. African food is mainly starch based along with its generous amounts of vegetables and fish-or-roasted meat. This means they’re devoted to refined sugars and excess food additives and rich in bulk and fiber.”- All my information on the African food can be found on-

I love the fact that they are so into creating their own nutrients and being able to provide ingredients for themselves rather than just buying them from the store.

“90%-or-more African foods are organic.”- It’s amazing that even though most places in Africa are in extreme poverty they still find a way to eat healthy. It’s just never enough for everybody or it’s never enough for them to get full off of. They plant all kinds of things. “There are different varieties of vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, tubers, and grains which are grown all year round because of the subsistence level and tropical weather.” This is telling me that their weather is more useful for the plants and helps the plants grow faster and even better than how most American plants are grown (In a green room).

“The authentic African food history has been described by both African and Western early writers with immense elegance. Africans have always given serious attention to what they eat. All African sections are replete with a long list.” They care about their health more than most American’s do in my opinion.

Though there are many out there living in poverty they find jobs like farming and selling crop to be able to help their families eat. Though they may not make as much as they need they do enough to survive! It’s just like people in America. Someone like myself who has been raised around the less fortunate and never had all the things I needed. My mother and grandparents help get me and my siblings everything they could. My grandfather worked as a laundry man for the Denver health hospital which didn’t pay a lot but because he has been working there for over 20 years he has started from a low paying job to getting promoted as manager and he even came out of retirement to help us out as well as the rest of the family. My grandmother worked as a janitor for RTD which paid even less than my grandpa’s job. She has been working there for only 15 years. Not only does she get paid less because she was cleaning up after other people but because she was black and a women who are paid less than males- This can been seen on and my mother who was always in and out of the hospital. Despite her health she started working as soon as she came out of the hospital because she knew that we needs things and no one but her parents were going to help her do it. It took a huge toll on her and made her feel like she was holding us back from all the things we should have. So when I looked at how much families in poverty struggled even with jobs it hit home for me because I know how it feels as a child to see your family go through that and not being able to help. Even to help and still not make enough takes a huge toll on us mentally and physically. I am also shocked at the fact that even though all those hard times are happening in Africa they still find a way to eat healthy. If that’s not motivation to keep trying harder than I don’t know what is. This taught me that even in the worst times of your life you can make it brighter each and everyday as long as you keep fighting for it!!

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