T in T: Far away from Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory

Working for SAP, where Industry 4.0 / Smart factory is all over the place with Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data, it was really interesting to see the factory of AWE.

The factory is somewhere in between Industry 1.0 and 2.0: Yes — there are machines and yes they have electricity. But this is about it. No mass production, no assembly lines.

They produce at a max 200 kg of peanut butter a day in a very labor intensive way:

First step is the cleaning of the peanuts:

Next the peanuts are roasted (big black machine in the back). After cooling down, the peanuts are to be manually sorted and peeled:

After grinding the peanuts, they need to cool down before the peanut butter (100 % made out of peanuts — nothing is added!) is filled into jars of 400 g or 800 g. Last step is the labeling:

Yummy! All hand made! Pure! Organic! Social! Green!

This is our story we need to tell in Arusha, Tanzania and then in East Africa. Together with Karla from Brazil and Gerry from Hungary, we will develop a new branding and a concrete marketing plan to ensure a sustainable growth for AWE, which will impact lives of a lot of women peanut farmers.