TinT: Working together with David, a Social Entrepreneur, for a Social Community

David is the founder and the CEO of AWE — Arusha Women Entrepreneur, but David is also the accountant, the sales man, the production supervisor, the deliverer and, and …. And David is very SOCIAL!

Asking David for the goals of AWE, he said: “ I do want to help more women peanut farmers!” Yes — he wants to grow his peanut butter sales and production, but only for the stake of helping more women: Women farmers growing peanuts and women working in his factory to produce the peanut butter.

David (right) talking to a women peanut farmer

In one of our first working sessions with David we came up with the following mission for AWE:

AWE wants to reach more small holder women peanut farmers and increase the impact on their communities. In addition, AWE wants to become a role model for a successful, sustainable social enterprise in Arusha.

Today we visited women peanut farmers in a small villages close to Moshi: Very nice and open people, they explained us the way they grow the peanuts, how they peel the peanuts, the challenges they face…

Peeling Peanuts

But what really made my day, where the answers we got, when we asked the women: “How is AWE impacting your life?

Effrosia, Anna Kauki and Messi

Effrosia (69): “I can pay for my grandchildren school uniforms and alike, can help that they get good education.”

Anna Kauki (28) mum of 3 children: “I have money for the school and can help my parents with food and medicine.”

Messi (39) mum of 3 children: ”I can take care of my family and send my children even to university. I can help others in the community — maybe even adopt a child.”

Joceline (50) mum of 3 children: “I can provide my children better education, start new projects (grow chicken, start a pig farm). I can help old and sick people in the community with food and medicine.”

Joceline with Christiane (sick and handicapped)

What an inspiring day!