How UI & UX Design Can Boost Website Conversion

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Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent

With the innovative tech advancement in the 21st-century, everyone needs to experience the best innovative technology without investing excessively of their energy and depleting their busy brains. The same goes for surfing the sites or cellphone applications too where the speedy and proficient the site or the mobile application reacts, the effective results it gets.

To put it straight forward, it is about the customers these days! Also, with regards to the mobile application or website user fulfillment, most technology firms turn towards the applications’ User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX). Notwithstanding, most the time individuals confound between the terms UI and UX. Therefore, we are here to decode the concept of UI and UX design! & what web development agencies think about their best designs.

What is user experience?

UX design

User experience or UX is how a person feels when interacting with a system. UX design is a piece of the website design process that guarantees that your site is altogether altered for your clients.

UX designers researched how your audience feel about the framework considering factors like simplicity and polish, proficiency in performing assignments, utility and so on.

Today, the significance of designing and upgrading user experience has turned into simply more fundamental and symbiotic.

Today, the significance of designing and upgrading user experience has turned into simply more fundamental and symbiotic.

UX design is essential for complicated sites as clients would need to figure out how to explore content as quickly as possible.

What is UI Development?

UI design & development

The User Interface (UI), on the other hand, is the process of enhancing the presentation and the intelligence of the web or mobile application. It focuses around the application’s look and interacts with the audience. Each screen, page, catches and other visual components you see while using an application is the User Interface of that application.

Best UX and UI Design Practices

  • You ought to give clear information to your site visitors with respect to how your product or service will help to solve their problem.
  • Clarify your offer and value clearly by visual accentuation. Utilize numbers, projectiles, bolding, pictures, animations and video demos in the landing page.
  • Your form length ought to have that much offering that enables your guests to get a value from it.
  • You should provide your audience awesome user experience as it can significantly boost your website’s conversion rates. To do that you need a comprehension of your client’s objectives, emotions, and inspirations. You can use tools such as customer experience maps, user personas and purchase journeys to gain useful insights.
  • Let’s take an example of e-commerce giant Flipkart, how they have designed their product listing page that drives maximum positive user experience and ultimately the sales.

UX and UI Design of Flipkart’s Product Category Page :-

flipkart ux & UI design
  • Shows rating given to each mobile to tempt you to purchase.
  • The product listing page additionally demonstrates the quantity of reviews. Online reviews are extremely important in your promoting campaign.
  • Shows in the left menu bar the similar mobile that is available on Flipkart and furthermore some new smartphone brands.

UX and UI Design of Flipkart’s Product Page :-

Flipkart product page
  • Shows product views from different angles.
  • Options in the right corner like email, Facebook, Twitter and Copy link to share the product.
  • There are an EMI option details so that people can make the payment in installments.
  • Purchase protection stamps that convince the online buyer to purchase products with trust.
  • Shows other items bought by other customers.

In their product pages, we also see how Flipkart has strategically placed in below the fold of their web page the reviews and FAQs that comes to a purchaser mind before buying.

UI and UX Design Example of Zomato’s Home Page :-

If we take a look Zomato’s landing page then we will discover how their UX and UI design practices are driving leads.

  • At the below of the page, you can choose your city from the dropdown. There is additionally a scan bar to look for restaurants or cuisines.
  • On the upper right corner, there are two choices: Order Food and Book a Table. At the upper left corner, there is Get the App choice
  • You can type your delivery location in the search box or click Detect to allow Zomato to know your location. After your delivery location is submitted, you need to click on Order Food Online!
  • There is a Quick Searches alternative, which enables you to pick restaurants by the type of meal you want to have.
  • There is a listing of prominent territories in your city; this choice enables you to see restaurants, bars, and cafes by locality.

Now with all these UI and UX design techniques, Zomato can transform their online guests into clients effectively.

Now that you know of some UI and UX design tips and start applying them to get a great user experience (UX), leads to conversions.