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It, to me, seems the other side of the same coin as slavery movies or any other “oppression” movies. That stuff is exploited to death in Oscar bait movies every season. That doesn’t mean that some, or most, of them are engaging or fantastic in their own right. It is just subsection B of Paragraph A on how to get a movie in front of the Academy. Also see, war movies, mentally ill or challenged people movies , or movies about Hollywood, or the “we don’t know give it to the best director” movies. The last thing to break this mold was friggin Lord of the Rings, and Lost in Translation should have won that year! You want to get a movie in front of the academy? Make it about something they 100% are, or something they could never possibly understand.

I am glad a small movie like Moonlight won, it really opens up the field in the future, but we can’t pretend this is a huge shift in thinking for the Academy, It just proves the 20 to 40 Mil movies are absolutely viable and should be invested in by Hollywood. Which is great!

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