The Boston Celtics Future

The Celtics recently lost in the Eastern Conference Finals in a 4–1 series to the Cavaliers. IT was injured in game 3 and didn’t continue in the series. While they were in the series, they found out they got the number 1 pick in the 2017 NBA draft for the incoming draft class.

With that pick, they are looking to draft a point guard out of Washington. They have a solid 4 back court, so getting another point guard wouldn’t help them as much as a SF would. Jae Crowder had an amazing year don’t get me wrong, but the Celtics have the forward positions filled. They could be improved of course, but with Olynyk, Johnson, and Horford, they are secure for now. With that being said, they might get the SF they need after all. They are looking to get Paul George, Jimmy Butler, or Gordon Hayward. Right now the best option is Hayward. Jimmy already said he was looking to resign and PG13 will most likely be heading to LA.

With Gordon left, they have a chance. His team made it to the Western Semifinals for the first time in a long time. But after being blown out 4–0, he realizes they won’t be a real contender in the west. So moving to the east is a good move on his part. Especially if there is an open spot on the 1 seed in the east, have the first round first pick, can get paid what he wants, and has a young core to work with. In the off season that’s what they need, an all star SF and another solid forward and they will be set. It’ll be interesting to see how the off-season goes to say the least.