How YETI Made Drinking Water Cool Again. Literally.

Built For The Wild.

The message on the sticker indicated that the mug itself was built for rough terrain, but it was as if the sticker was also labeling me. Beckoning me to not only drink from the vessel itself, but to feast on the idea it presented.

This mug was given to me as a gift from my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. I was no stranger to YETI products, but had never owned one myself. I was intrigued to see how well this mug really worked.

As I let the mug sit on my desk at work, filled with the leftover water my girlfriend and I didn’t drink at breakfast, I found that the water truly did remain cold. But I was surprised with another discovery.

The receptacle functioning properly was adequate enough, but I felt myself being sucked into an alternate universe. A world where drinking water was…cool.

I found myself wanting to twist the handle on the lid open and shut like a capsule, trapping the treasure that lies beyond its’ reach.

My mundane job of stuffing envelopes and folding announcements was rejuvenated by this sensation that the mug presented. This was more than just drinking water; this was an experience.

I’m just a normal dude, who isn’t a water bottle guru. However, YETI made me feel the hours of work poured into manufacturing this specific bottle. What I’m trying to say is that YETI made drinking water… cool. Literally.