Is Mark Cuban The Donald Trump Of The NBA?

Here we go again.

Mark Cuban took a shot at the POTUS when he wore no. 46 during the Celebrity All-Star Game, considering Donald Trump is the 45th President of the US. But this is not the first time Cuban has shown his disapproval of Trump.

Cuban has taken to twitter to show his distaste for the new President, and even helped Hillary Clinton campaign against Trump. But, what seems to be fairly evident is, despite their differences, Trump and Cuban are very similar.

What are these similarities?

  • Trump’s net worth is currently 3.7 billion, while Cuban’s is 3.4 billion.
  • Both have helped start and have managed multiple businesses.
  • Both have had a business-style reality television show.
  • Both have developed a reputation for making controversial comments.
  • Both are involved in politics.

These are some of the ways Cuban and Trump emulate each other. They love the spotlight. And both love causing controversy.

Before the Mavericks beat the Thunder yesterday, Cuban held consistent with his illogical analysis of Russell Westbrook.

Despite Russell Westbrook’s historic season, Cuban does not believe he is in the final race for MVP.

Cuban stated that he believes it is coming down to Lebron James or James Harden.

This kind of ridiculous commentary of Westbrook by Cuban began last season when the Mavericks faced the Thunder in a playoff series. Cuban made it known he believed the Thunder only had superstar, in Kevin Durant. When asked about Westbrook, he had this to say:

“He’s an All-Star but not a superstar.”

He double-downed on that comment this past December, when he stated that Westbrook is “putting up superstar numbers” but that he will stick by his definition of what a superstar is. Cuban believes the superstar label should be given to those who have lead a team to a 50 wins in a season and a playoff series victory.

In January, Cuban talked of buying some of Westbrook’s jeans, and purposely made the comment “You know,” Cuban added, “it makes me feel almost like a superstar.”

On a more serious note, Cuban stated “If he’s not a superstar, he’s the closest thing to it.” And now, Cuban has escalated the argument to state that Westbrook is not in the finals of the MVP race.

This targeting of Westbrook is reminiscent of how Trump targeted Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Now, Cuban is not as volatile or insensitive compared to Trump. He seems to be more logical than the president, and controls his twitter fingers more than POTUS.

Cuban, on behalf of NBA fans everywhere: You can stir the pot, but let’s try to be a little logical about it, okay?

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