A Song Dynasty Poet writes about the beauty of …

presence, simple pleasures, letting go, mindfulness. Whatever it makes you feel, make it a goal to feel this way often this year!

My 10 seconds of literary meditation for starting off 2016:

Men coming up to this pavilion may feel complete freedom of heart and ease of spirit, forgetting every worldly gain or setback to hold their winecups in the breeze in absolute elation, delighted with life. (Translated from Chinese) — Fàn zhòng yān (范仲淹) (989–1052)

Here’s the Chinese (notice the characters of four):

登斯楼也,Dēng sī lóu yě,

则有心旷神怡,zé yǒu xīn kuàng shén yí,

宠辱皆忘, chǒng rǔ jiē wàng,

把酒临风,bǎ jiǔ lín fēng,

其喜洋洋者矣。qí xǐ yáng yáng zhě yǐ.