It all started young, when no decision you could make

Living by the societal norms, then suddenly awake

Spent sleepless nights perfecting the right plan

Expectations are contrary, said the old man

Happiness was at stake, responsibilities to commit

The dream you almost lived, but then reality hit

Making memories, wishing for the moment to stay

Promising her stars, intended to play

Came along the one, a fix to your broken dream

Nothing lasts forever, silently you scream

Her laugh, her love, disappeared into the lonely night

The person you almost liked, but not quite

Sitting by the window, staring into space

Counting the possibilities, finding your place

Earned a living, everything you own but your dream

Fearing uncertainty, lost a constant to a silly scheme

Longing to rewrite the story, return to that paradise

The life you almost had, but you chose otherwise

-Tanvi Verma

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