Pleasure in losing

Losing is never an admirable option but here’s a caption to this description, we choose to lose when it comes to weight that stands in our shoes, in us the humankind, it’s the only word hovering over our mind. We all know the way out of it, the struggle and sheer amount of it. But owning to the busy and hectic routine, this goes unseen, we don’t have time for that exercise, swim n dive, listening to a nutritionist’s vibe or running 5 miles a day by road side.

Life is a system, a very beautiful rhythm, like a well crafted and meticulously designed mansion, of real applications. In morning we open work app, then food app to eat crape, house work app to break our back, entertainment app to enjoy that song, movie, that sports and clap. and finally a sleep app takes the crown to shut all other apps down. Like any other system, life is prone to hacks and renovation. only if you know how to do it properly.

Firstly, to lose weight you need to trick yourself into thinking differently.

Imagine as if planet earth has suddenly changed for a while. It’s a zombie apocalypse, You need to live accordingly to make it through, be sharp and crisp. These zombies are easy to defeat as we came to know their shortcomings which are neat

  • They’re olive oil phobic. Make it your only oil for cooking like an Hobbit.
  • - Taking walk for short distances will boost your case for survival. Take big steps as if someone’s waiting for your arrival. Zombies have shown to ignore such person on their own.
  • - Spend night sleeping, at least 8 hours no net no text beeping. Staying awake late will help them sniff you easily mate.
  • - Sugar is death. Zombies detect sugar like a shark detects a drop of blood in ocean breadth. Avoid it. Don’t bite it.
  • - Eat hole grain bread. Milk bread has been taken away by zombies says zombie forum thread. The one that’s left caught poison when it was cleft.
  • - Zombies release a pheromone that’ll trick you into eating flesh. When it happens eat a chicken breast fried in that olive oil you already have left in the pantry’s safe net. If it’s night, eating vegetables is right. You can fry vegs to take the edge and can still remain on survival’s sledge. Don’t sleep with a piece of meat in your stomach’s deep.
  • - Food conservation is important. Drink fluids, water, juices, watermelon to make yourself feel full. Eat salads and fruits, We’ve got plenty of them, just pull. Never forget to drink water without few drops of pure lemon juice brother, you need detoxification rather.
  • - Whatever you eat, stop eating it after 5 minutes peak. The sound of chewing attracts the walking dead booing.
  • - Apocalypse is about to be over, you’ve lost 10kg in just one month under cover.
  • See you soon on the other side of the apocalypse. Enjoy Bliss.
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