Top 5 Goals for 2018

GOAL 1: 60lb weight loss and/or fit into my pre-baby clothes

WHAT’S STOPPING ME NOW: Living on the road, lack of routine, true commitment.

WHAT WILL I DO: Make a true/no turning back commitment, create a routine that can be flexible but consistent, add in an element of accountability such as a food log.

WHY: Confidence. Health. Comfort.

GOAL 2: Not spiral in to defeat, anger and judgement so quickly

WHAT’S STOPPING ME NOW: Not being consistent with taking time for my self mentally and spiritually. Being physically run down from lack of sleep.

WHAT WILL I DO: Commit to a realistic routine that involves the things that keep me balanced. I may not be able to do an hour of yoga and an hour of meditation, but I certainly can commit to 10 minutes a day.

WHY: For my own mental health and well being. It feels silly to get all riled up to only come to the realization later how unnecessary the spiral was. Also for my son, I cannot teach him to deal with issues consciously, if cannot do it myself.

GOAL 3: Create and launch my first paid course

WHAT’S STOPPING ME NOW: setting the proper time aside to do the work. (lack of routine or schedule)

WHAT WILL I DO: I am setting aside planning days to get thoughts and plans in order and will be in one set place for the next 3 months which will allow for routine and schedule.

WHY: So I can start making a difference in the lives of fellow entrepreneurs and continue to provide for my family.

GOAL 4: Have all the details ready for my first retreat

WHAT’S STOPPING ME NOW: The retreat is the end of my funnel, I need to have the first steps ready and going before I can justify focusing on the last step.

WHAT WILL I DO: Get the first steps in order (growing list, determine course focus, launching courses, etc)

WHY: This is my ultimate dream for my business combining my desire to help people reach their dreams, providing for my family while introducing people to travel and enjoying travel myself.

GOAL 5: Replace my income from private clients/contracts and replace it with working with groups.

WHAT’S STOPPING ME NOW: Clear definition of my niche and specific offerings. Been stuck in analysis paralysis and wanting to offer everything because everything is important, right? lol

WHAT WILL I DO: Get clear and specific on my why, my niche, and my first course focus.

WHY: For me, being dependent on private clients takes away time from developing the true business I want. It also leaves me at the mercy of their choices and circumstances for my income.

Wooeee! That was a lot more mentally intensive than I thought! What a great exercise to go through. It’s getting real now!!

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