The Process of Strategic Human Resources Planning

As executive director for human resources at Aetna, Tanya Taupier holds responsibility for all aspects of HR management, including the development and implementation of strategic human resource planning. Tanya Taupier and other HR professionals focus on strategic human resource planning to meet corporate business goals.

There are four steps in strategic HR planning. First is to assess the skill sets of all employees. This HR inventory allows the company to identify employees who are capable of taking on more tasks and those who need further training.

The next two steps involve projecting HR needs and engaging in gap analysis, which determines what it will take to move an organization from its current state to where its leaders want it to be in the future. These two steps require HR professionals to predict internal factors, such as staffing requirements, and external factors, such as technological shifts within an industry.

The implementation of specific human resource strategies comes last. These strategies, formulated through research and projection, aim to meet the organization’s objectives. The organization and its HR team can focus on restructuring, training and development, recruitment, outsourcing, collaboration, or a combination thereof.

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