Making Room for Miracles

Preparing to walk through the beautifully magnificent Labyrinth. So many blessings here.

I started cleaning out that closet years ago, but somehow it was never finished.

If you’ve ever watched the show, Hoarders, it’s about people who fall into a mental pit. They collect lots of things and over time, and are ultimately buried by them. These things don’t just clear away. Instead they pile upon each other until there’s no floor space, no eating space, no living space.

It’s quite the depressing TV show.

And in every case, the story is deeper than just the person’s intense, grossly bloated love of collectibles. It’s a mind thing, typically related to a traumatic loss or event in their lives.

You can relax now. That’s the extreme version of where I was…but I hope it can give you an idea of what I’m about to share.

This year when the diagnosis of cancer came for my husband, I was forced to do a lot of clearing out. (You can read about that in my previous Medium post).

I found myself brushing lots of things off to the side and over to a corner mentally and physically, so I could get focused on what was directly in front of me.

As the situation improved over the months, I began to wipe away the cobwebs and take a closer look. There were many collections of things, ideas, and beliefs I had accumulated and never cleaned up.

I began to realize these piles were what led to intense moments of overwhelm and paralysis.

It’s hard to take action when you don’t know what to do first.

The interesting thing is I realized the entire time this clutter wasn’t an isolated situation — I could not separate the clutter mentally from that in the physical realm.

From the outside, no one could see just how depressing and dark things were becoming. The piles felt as big as mountains, although I knew they weren’t that large.

As we confirmed the news and thanked God that my beloved of 20+ years was out of the woods and cancer-free, I saw that it was my time to find a way to be free…free of the clutter and the collections I’d hoarded over the years.

So I said yes, when I was invited to go to Serenbe.

I kept hearing from my mastermind sisters in Pink Coattails that the place was magical. Being the skeptic I am, however, this statement alone didn’t move me. I like to see things for myself.

I just needed to get away from normalcy for a bit. So off to Georgia I went.

The first few hours I wasn’t sure I would fit in. My story was not like many of the other women. And unlike them, I never saw myself as a “woo” kind of girl. They were healers, life coaches, creative writers, oil chemists.

I must admit my left brain felt quite awkward trying to fit in.

But then we did an exercise that planted a seed in me almost instantly. I heard the words and they seemed to echo throughout my entire spirit —” find your sacred space”.

There were many other things I experienced during my week there at Serenbe. I left a true believer in what everyone had told me about that place. It certainly was a healing place.

I carried the sacred space whisper and so much more home with me. And I realized that was just what I needed to start the healing process for myself. Everything was filled to the brim. I couldn’t let the good stuff in.

I was magnetically pulled to creating a clear and sacred space where I could think and pray and create and cry and smile and do nothing.

That was something I haven’t had for a long time.

I set out to make it happen within a few weeks of returning home. With the aid of the pixie-like Leonie Dawson, her inspirational “sacred room” recordings, and a gentle nudge from my mastermind sisters, I prayed, quietly meditated and came up with a vision of how to bring the space to life.

It turned out there was a den/playroom we haven’t used for years. The room was neglected and served only as a toy dump since the children frequented the downstairs living area.

I devoted my extra time to this project. Over the course of about a month, I transformed the room, with the intention of giving it a complete 360 makeover— meaning everywhere I looked, I wanted to be inspired in some way.

Some changes and additions were small, like adding my favorite piece of art drawn by my baby girl, laying my first study Bible on the coffee table, or setting the tiny statue of a fairy (my namesake) on my desk.

Other changes took more time but they seemed to come to me so easy, like when a neighbor offered her father to paint the walls in my select sunny, warm color. I was able to find and buy a set of wall paintings for less than half the normal price. And so many things I can’t name them all here…

Before on the left; after on the right. My new sacred space!

I learned from this experience that when your intentions are genuine and single-minded, all the right resources will come to you to achieve what you want.

Removing the junk and giving away things we no longer used to someone who needed it, helped me make room for the new and improved version of me…and of my space.

This cleansing led to other mini projects, like finally cleaning out that closet I’d started organizing years ago.

I was able to donate about half the clothes in that closet to a women’s shelter where I knew they could be put to good use.

And guess what happened?

Making room for inspiration physically became the catalyst for mental inspiration.

My mind opened up to so many possibilities. I turned ideas into actionable items. Projects I’d put aside were done in little time, with ease and joy.

I love this room now. I can drown in it and imagine I’m in a warm and fuzzy cocoon where I can breathe easy and dream.

The amazing thing is it didn’t take months or even weeks. I instantly felt the release.

If only I had known the impact of clearing space outside-in, I would have cleaned out that closet years ago.

With love and thoughts of healing for your mind,


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