5 Reasons Why TANZŌ is One of the Year’s Most Attractive ICOs

TANZŌ has been getting a lot of buzz on social media lately. A lot of new people are trying to find out what the fuss is about. To answer that question we made a quick Top 5 list of good reasons to invest in TANZŌ:

• No direct competitors

TANZŌ is currently the first and only blockchain-based social marketplace for handmade goods. First-mover advantage is a pretty good thing to have in any business, especially in tech.

• Solves a real problem

Another good thing to have is the ability to solve a real-world problem. From day one, TANZŌ has been specifically designed to address all the issues crafters have when trying to sell online. Furthermore, TANZŌ also addresses several issues that buyers have when trying to buy authentic handmade goods online. The handmade market is growing, but is very unregulated and needs these particular issues solved. TANZŌ is the marketplace that will provide much needed structure and security to the handmade market worldwide.

• Attracts true investors

Most ICO projects attract mostly two kinds of investors. The first kind is speculators who like the idea of the project and see its potential for success, so they plan on swing trading the token sometime after the ICO when it appreciates 50%, 100% or 150%. The second kind is investors with deep pockets who also see the potential of the project, but don’t like to wait around too long and plan on dumping their tokens the first chance they get and then moving on.

These kinds of investors aren’t long term holders of the token. They don’t really have a practical use for it other than trading it on the exchanges, because they have no interest in using the token’s native platform when it launches. TANZO, however, attracts a third kind of investors — the actual crafters who literally can’t wait to sign up for the platform. We should know, because we talk with these people every day in our social media channels. We are extremely thankful for their sincere desire to support this project.

• The perks of being a TZO holder

A lot of TANZŌ investors are actual crafters who will use the platform to sell their handmade items. They know that being TZO token holders comes with a bunch of pretty sweet privileges and perks on the TANZŌ platform. Even if they hold a smaller stake, it’s still great for them because they won’t have to later buy TZO at a higher price. They will already have enough tokens for their new business on TANZŌ to get a nice little head start.

• TZO is not a security token

These days you can never be too careful with any upcoming regulations. No matter where in the world you are, from a purely risk-mitigating standpoint it’s much safer to invest in tokens that cannot be classified as securities. Luckily, TZO is a utility token.