TANZŌ Product returns and conflict resolution

TANZŌ takes the matters of honesty
and transparency between all parties in any transaction very seriously. To ensure maximum protection, customer satisfaction and trust between buyers and crafters, TANZŌ offers a unique solution:

After a purchase has been conducted and the buyer receives his order, he/she can use our mobile application to scan the QR code that carries all the information about the item and its crafter. The TANZŌ mobile application has the functionality to report any defects or issues with the item in real-time, as well as the ability to livestream the unboxing of the item and to record any imperfections.

Using this technology, crafters are protected from false accusations and at the same time buyers finally have a clear way to report any misrepresentation, delivery damage, item imperfections and more.

TANZŌ will take sides in cases that are not resolved between the participants in the transaction. TANZŌ will be the first online platform able to fairly and impartially resolve issues between both parties in a transaction.