A Perfect Frenzy

I used to dream of wildflowers…
They grew everywhere in the beginning.

Even the weeds were beautiful
Needing nothing but love and care.

You sang about wildflowers then,
In messages and on paper…
Never aloud…I realize now, that was the trick.
Probably why it just didn’t stick.

I fell into your arms, sure,
That you would enjoy the beautiful blooms
For the rest of my life.
Even if it meant uprooting my flowers and
Relocating them to a new garden…
I was sure we would all endure.

But alas, time changes everyone, it seems,
Even me, even you, even them.

Soon the wildflowers were abundant
Too overgrown for your pseudo sparkling world.
Leaving their droppings far and wide
It was too much for you to wake up with petals hiding your feathers

You began weeding, and watering, and snipping things that used to be beautiful
Until your turned them into something, bitter.
You wanted them to be just right

Wildflowers aren’t known to be perfect.
That is why they are not called hedges.

I now live inside a garden.
A perfect frenzy.
The cosmos and the marigolds mingle silently without any fuss.
The Roses even enjoy the pumpkin vines and you can see it in their grin.

In this garden, footpaths are littered with chamomile and glitter
When you stroll over it, the scent floats up

Up into the very part of me that believed I should change
So I would be loved and not eaten by a vulture.

When that delicate scent hits my nose
I remember that to be myself, means I must humm to the music in my own head, not yours.

I know life goes by swiftly
I understand that to be weeded, and snipped and over watered
Makes me perfect
Absent glow
Sparkle misplaced

And I remember inside your garden
I failed to cultivate my own

So, because I am a woman, and
I have missed that twinkle greatly
I must stay in my garden because I know
I am treasured here inside this jumbled space.

Not just sometimes
Not just when the mood strikes
Not just when I am missed

Instead Always
Completely Devoid of Stern conditions and all your
Dreary rain

© October 2008 PoeticPinkie/TaoInk