I’m A Ma Gu Devotee, You Should Be Too

Are you a Cannabis user?

Have you ever wondered if there was a God for Cannabis?

Maybe you’re interested in Rastafarianism because they use Cannabis?

Maybe it’s time you found out more about Her Holiness Princess Ma Gu, the Goddess of Cannabis?

History is awash with Gods and Goddess that the modern world has abandoned, but through it all Her Holiness has persevered. Striving for the disadvantaged and oppressed. Offering all of us longevity.

Who is Ma Gu?

Ma Gu is the Goddess of Cannabis. I am one of Her devotees, and as such spreading Her message is at my core. She is a Taoist Immortal and has lived for thousands of years. She is One & the same Being at the Cannabis you smoke. The effect it has on you is Her Holiness enveloping you in Her blissful embrace.

Why haven’t you heard of Her before?

This is a layered issue that hopefully we as western devotees can help remedy. Firstly as with all religions in China, after the communist victory, and the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, religion was not allowed, with Temples being converted for other uses, books being burnt, monks and priest attacked and sent to “re-education” centres, if not outright murdered. Secondly, due to Cannabis being illegal all over the world (until very recently) it has been so dangerous for devotees to practise that spreading Her message has been very difficult. In the modern world however it is much easier, and with the changes happening globally with regards to drug law reform we as Ma Gu devotees are able to get the Message out! Hopefully my little corner of the internet will be able to play a small role in doing so.

The very first place you should go to find out about Her Holiness is the Way of Infinite Harmony website. It has all the essentials to get you started on your “Way”.

After you welcome Princess Ma Gu into your life She will guide you better than I ever could.

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