Bringing Peace To the Console War

By: Rory -Tap Coin Community Manger

Its funny, as I grew up, console, and PC gaming were bitter enemies. A lot of friends and family seemed to pick a side and stay with it. Each group promoting its best game, newest graphics, and eventually multiplayer ability. Times have changed, and there is much more crossover than before as console gaming gets closer and closer to PC, and mobile gaming has brought in a whole new group of gamers. Yet there are still sides, and it’s unlikely that everyone will game across all platforms, in fact up until recently they had little reason too.

Tap Coin is looking to bridge that gap and bring everyone to the negotiation table. Tap is cross platform and works with game developers to insert the (TTT) coins into the game. We have received a lot of questions from the community about the amount of work that will take on our end, as each platform uses unique gaming engines and code. The reality is it won’t be easy. However, easy won’t separate us from the pack. In order to be successful we cannot take the easy way out, we are striving to break away from the “game coin” stigma and truly be something unique.

Right now we are working hard to develop the alpha and ensure the partnerships we create bring value to both the project and the gaming community. It doesn’t matter if you like games on your Iphone, Xbox, Playstation, PC, etc. You can gain all the rewards of playing your favorite games with Tap Coin. Your TTT collects in the Tap Coin wallet wherever and whenever you play supported titles. Our hope is that it introduces you to the best games across various platforms. Tap Coin can be used by any game developers on any platform to reward their gamers for their loyalty, achievements, and help.

This project has never been about us, it’s about you, the gaming and development community. I hope you take the time to research why this project is different. We aim to be cross platform, uniting gamers and developers from around the world. It’s never going to be easy to meet our own high expectations, but there are no cheat codes in life. So let’s go split-screen and win this crypto game together.

“Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all”

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