Early Contribution Completion, ICO November 5th !

On October 20th, we completed an amazing Early Contribution period and were able to complete 50% of our soft cap goal. We are continuing forward and making way preparations for our ICO on November 5th 2017 to December 5th 2017.

As earlier indicated if our soft cap is not met through our main ICO, all funds will be returned to Early and ICO contributors.

Additionally, we have received amazing feedback in regards to our Conceptual Alpha and will be demo’ing it at this years Full Indie Summit. Our showcase will allow publishers and developers to submit a game, input its ecosystem into the platform and see the game get uploaded live in front of their eyes. With our simple Tap Value Matrix they will be able to see how much TPP and TEP is earned by each user. This is the primary function of the Tap Coin and we cannot wait to show it off.

We have two big updates coming to the Tap Project in the next couple weeks and the team is spending a lot of the time going through the specifics. We have always said that we want to continue to be innovative and disruptive , and going forward we have no intention to stop. In the upcoming, weeks we will be releasing an initiative that we call the “BGI”. We are extremely excited about this addition and cannot wait for the partnerships and the collective mind and efforts. Additionally, we will be introducing a new feature of the Tap Coin that we believe will only separate us from the pack.

For information in regards to our whitepaper please visit www.tapproject.net to find out our distribution models for our upcoming ICO.

“Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all”

Try our Alpha: http://platform.tapproject.net

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Visit our website: www.tapproject.net

Whitepaper: https://tapproject.net/index.php/white-paper/

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