Introducing the Tap Coin wallet!

The smart wallet that can house your Tap Coins and more!

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Tap Coin wallet. The Tap Coin wallet will play an vital role in the MVP and will allow users to securely send and receive Tap Coins from games to addresses on the platform. Additionally, the wallet will allow users to receive the proof of stake drip bonus upon its initiation.

What is a smart wallet?

A smart wallet is a wallet written in the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum network.

What is so different?

One of the main things that the team considered when developing the Tap Coin wallet was, security. We made sure to implement all security features that is expected of a wallet and more.

Currently, many users can find their wallet addresses compromised, hacked and unrecoverable. It is often a race to gain access to your tokens or coins once it is determined that you have been hacked.

Our Tap Coin wallet changes it all, we have implemented a smart contract recovery system that will allow users to freeze their wallets once they have been compromised and initiate an exportation of their tokens to a backup address that was used upon sign up.

This added security will ensure Tap Coins are kept even more secure then on any other wallet.

Additionally, Similar to “My Ether Wallet”(MEW), we don’t house your private keys. That’s right! You remain in full control of your own private keys and you use your private key to sign transaction with your smart wallet.

A Wallet for any token

The Tap Wallet will support any ERC-20 token, you tell us which ones you want to be made available. Also, as an added bonus, our Tap Wallet is ERC-721 compatible! That means users will be able to house all their favorite gaming, non-fungible, collectible Ethereum tokens inside. Yes that means Cryptopunks, Rare Pepe Cards, and everyone’s favorite CryptoKitties!

The Tap Coin wallet will be seen and used during our MVP which is set to launch on June 30th! Stay tuned, join our telegram and subscribe to not miss a beat.

“Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all.” — Tap Project

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