Tap Finance is joining forces with PsyOptions!

It’s been an eventful 4 months since the Tap Team had the idea for bringing structured products to Solana. Since then we’ve been pretty busy. We participated in the Solana hackathon, launched on mainnet, shipped 7 different vaults, and delivered positive yield to our users in every single strategy we ran!

Over that same period we spent a lot of time with the PsyOptions team. Besides code reviews and strategy sessions, the PsyOptions team shared with us their vision of building a single platform where users can earn yield through option strategies and trading options.

Ultimately, we were convinced that bringing Tap into the PSY DAO would create better yields for our users through enhanced bid quoting and allow us to scale to provide an even wider range of structured products. We’re super excited for this next step of the journey!

What Does This Means For Users?

The vaults will continue to run and deliver sustainable yield as they have been since our launch. Tap Finance will soon be rebranding to PsyFinance. This will include a change in our URLs and facelift for the Tap Finance site. We’ll also be transitioning support, community and marketing to the PsyOptions Discord and Twitter handle. Look out for announcements on that shortly, but if you want a head start you can join PsyOptions here:

PsyOptions Discord: https://discord.gg/Ew3dq7dKwp

PsyOptions Twitter: https://twitter.com/PsyOptions

PsyOptions Telegram: https://t.me/psyoptions

What’s Next?

On the product front, we’ll be launching a v2 DOV protocol that will take advantage of PsyOptions’ tokenized Euros architecture. This will increase the capital efficiency of the protocol which in turn should lead to increased yield for our users.

On the business side, we’ll be scaling up the team. If you’re located in Asia and interested in building the future of structured products, do drop us a line!

A huge thanks to our community and the countless folks who provided us advice along the way! Couldn’t have done it without you all, and looking forward to delivering sustainable yields under the PSY DAO.




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