5 questions with Gabby Luu, author of Fashion Star

With Fashion Star set to launch tomorrow exclusively for Tapas, we are super fortunate to be able to have a quick chat with Gabby Luu, the author of the story, to find out a little about her writing process, what she liked most about working on Fashion Star, and more.

Tapas: So Gabby, tell us a little about yourself.

Gabby Luu: Hi, I’m Gabby, an English and Media Studies double major at UC Berkeley graduating in May. I used to draw and write a lot of fan fiction in middle and high school (under a username that shall not be named), but all of that went away when I started college. I’ve always been into writing, and had a lot of projects in the works with my artsy friends before life happened and moved away from each other. I feel very lucky to be able to get the creative juices flowing again with Fashion Star.

Tapas: What was the writing process like?

Gabby Luu: I imagine most comic creators first start out with an idea, write a script, and then draw everything out. We kind of had to do the reverse with Fashion Star. When I picked up the story, the foundation was already set by Boxhead Studios, and so was about 90% of the artwork. There was no ending at the time, so I came up with the end and worked backwards from there. It was kind of like a caption contest, figuring out what kind of dialogue would fit specific expressions in specific panels. Whenever I needed an extra scene or revisions to the the art, Boxhead was super dependable. It was crazy how fast they can bang out such high quality art.

Tapas: Did you know anything about fashion beforehand?

Gabby Luu: I like to think I dress myself pretty well, but that’s only because my mom has a really good fashion sense. I know Boxhead researched a ton beforehand (you can probably tell from the variety in character design), and I also did my fair share of research when writing the script. But no…the little fashion knowledge I had was from Project Runway and that one fashion class in high school.

Tapas: What did you like most about this project?

Gabby Luu: I loved the challenge of shaping a story from images and really bringing out a character’s voice and personality through new dialogue.

Who is your favorite character in Fashion Star?

Forget Denis and Roy–Alex is a total hottie.

Thanks Gabby, that was great. Now everyone be sure to check out Fashion Star on Tapas starting tomorrow. And for those who don’t have Tapas on their phone just yet, make sure to go grab it now for iOS or Android so you don’t miss out!

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