Inksgiving 101: Everything you need to know to be prepared

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Nov 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Hi everyone!

Inksgiving is just a few days away and we wanted to share some useful tips on how to make the most of this fan-favorite community event. If you’re unsure of what we’re talking about, make sure to catch up with our previous posts about the new and improved Support Program, in which the Coin Shop became the Ink Shop, and Inksgiving, a 48-hour event from Tuesday, November 20, 2018, at 12:00 AM PST to Wednesday, November 21, 2018, at 11:59 PM PST, where readers and creators can give back to their favorite storytellers with Ink support!

Wondering how to get ink? Look no further! You can buy ink from the Ink Shop available both on the app and website. You can also earn free ink by watching videos, playing games, and more!

Visit any series by your favorite creators and tap/click on the Support button.

Alongside your ink contributions, you’re now able to leave messages of encouragement. As a creator, you can go to your Creator Dashboard and go to the Support Tab to view and reply to messages left by fans.

During this 48-hour period, fans will be gifted back a percentage of their individual contribution of the ink they gave to creators. If we reach 5 million drops of ink, fans will receive 5% back, if we reach 10 million, fans will receive 15% back. If we achieve the community goal of 15 million drops of ink, then fans will receive 25% of their contribution back. Fans will receive this gift 30 days after the end of the event.

During the event, you’ll be able to see the live progress of the community’s ink support and special messages on our Inksgiving page.

Are you ready? Are you excited?! Inksgiving is only a few days away!

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