Four Comics That Should Be K-Dramas

In 2007, Bloomberg reported that “more than 3 million Korean users access paid online [comics] and 10 million read free webcomics,” called “webtoons.” The number of webtoon readers has grown drastically as readers all over the world are able to access them through global platforms. And because webtoons are formatted specifically for mobile devices, they can be easily read anywhere.

While the US is making TV shows and movies from superhero comics, Korea takes a similar approach with webtoons. Just this year, a 16-episode drama adaptation of Cheese in the Trap, a romance webtoon by Soon Ggi, was released and gained massive popularity, boasting a 4.5/5 star rating on DramaFever. Kim Yang-soo, author of My Lawyer, Mr. Jo, which also received a drama adaptation this year, told The Korea Times that compared to the over-the-top and unrealistic stories dramas normally portray, his webtoon was “able to captivate [viewers] because it raises fresh, ongoing issues directly affecting their lives.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Here are just a few on Tapas that would become instant hits in the K-drama and film world:

Cat Funeral by Hong Jacga

Genre: Romance/Drama

Before Dongkeun and Shi-Jin broke up, they raised a cat together. When this cat dies, Dongkeun contacts Shi-Jin in order to give the cat a proper funeral. Though this webtoon is only 22 episodes long, I can definitely see this (or any of Hong Jacga’s other works) as a film. His comics pull at a reader’s heartstrings in the most genuine and touching way. I guarantee this comic will be on your mind long after you read it!

Love Maker by Jong-Soo Jung

Genre: Romance/Comedy

When Cupid is banished to Earth for misusing his powers to get with goddesses, he meets a 28-year-old woman named Eun-Gyung who’s never been kissed. In order to return to Heaven, Cupid must be on his best behavior. So, he decides to help Eun-Gyung with her love life. This is a fantastic comedy about love and and friendship. Though, if it ever becomes a drama, Cupid would probably be changed from a short, pudgy red man and casted by someone super hot like Kim Hyun Joong or Lee Min Ho (not that I would complain.)

We-On by Sungi Yi and Jongseong Bak

Genre: Action/Fantasy

If you love BTS (Bangtan Boys), you might know about We-On. No, not the song, the comic. We-On is about a group of super-powered teenagers that must fight off an alien invasion. The inspiration for the We-On boys are none other than the handsome members of BTS, who would play themselves in a drama adaptation, of course.

They Say I Was Born a King’s Daughter by Legna Kim (based on the original novel by Bi Chu)

Genre: Romance/Comedy

It’s already a novel, now it’s a webcomic — the next logical step would be a drama, right? In They Say I Was Born a King’s Daughter, murder victim Suhee Kim is reborn as Sanghee Kim, a king’s unwanted daughter. She is fully conscious of her past life, even as a baby, and faces the blatant misogyny all women face in this world. With a captivating plot, endless humor, and charming heroine, this is the Number One candidate to break into K-Entertainment. Production companies, make it happen!

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Written by Gabrielle Luu

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