Student by Day, Writer by Night: An Interview with Molly Night

Tapas is the proud host of a number of young up-and-coming authors, including Molly Night, author of Dark and Dangerous Love. In this interview, Night talks theme, inspiration, and student-writer balance.

How did you develop the story idea for Dark and Dangerous Love?

I grew up in China so the scarcity of water, escalating rate of pollution, deforestation, etc. have always been something I’m incredibly aware of. Dark and Dangerous Love came from a combination of things. I remember being curious as to what something that’s immortal — like a vampire — would think of climate change and the precarious future of our world. That, and the belief tha the world was genuinely going to end in 2012, were the seeds that planted Dark and Dangerous Love.

Some of our readers are also aspiring novel writers. Could you tell us a bit about how you became a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and I enjoy the happiness and form of escapism books bring me. I started writing purely because I wanted to give other people the same joy reading brought me.

Do you have any writing rituals that help you get in the zone?

I’ve recently started this new thing where I write out the first 200 words of a chapter by hand. I write until I’ve run out of lines, then I transfer the hand-written parts onto my laptop, and by then, I’m already in the zone and mindset to finish the chapter.

Do you have a favorite scene from Dark and Dangerous Love?

I love the non-canon interview I wrote with the characters — the humor of it contrasts the dark tone of the book — I really had a lot of fun writing that. I also enjoy every scene with Jonah. He’s just so snarky and funny; I wish I’d written more scenes with him.

Who are some of the authors that have influenced you?

Twilight was the first book I read. It made me fall in love with reading, and engrossed me to the point I decided to learn English just to read it, so Stephenie Meyer is definitely up there. I also dearly love writers like Leigh Bardugo, Tahereh Mafi, and Adam Silvera.

What advice would you give to young writers struggling to write their stories?

Not to copy Nike, but just do it. We all have to start somewhere. Try to finish whatever draft you start. Even if the draft and the story isn’t very good, you will learn more from the practice of that first draft than all the planning in the world.

Is there a comic on the Tapas App that you like?

There are so many cool comics on Tapas, I haven’t had time to read through any of them because of exam revisions. I have so many in my library and I’m so excited to dive in after exams >.<

What cheers you up on a Monday?

Well, on Monday, my lectures start extra late, so I have an extra two hours of sleep. So that always puts me in a really good mood, haha.

You’re a college student and professional writer. How do you manage both?

My secret to coping is three breakdowns a day topped with three cups of coffee (I like a balanced diet) — kidding… kind of. I think the main thing is to remind yourself of why you’re doing this, and it’s okay to take time out for yourself.

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