Founder’s Journal: The Path to Resilience

A little girl can teach us a thing or two.

Walking down Wall Street, a few blocks from our headquarters in New York City, I was curious and excited to see the newly installed statue of the Fearless Girl.

Standing at just under 4ft. tall against a 7000 pound bull, the Fearless Girl exuded power and strength. I could see the response of the tourists around me and I immediately felt the reaction she triggered in me.

What was it about the statue of this little girl that was speaking to me? It was obviously a clear message for women leaders and their power which spoke to me.

But the closer I looked, it was also something deeper — the little girl’s eyes were speaking and I knew what she stood for.

Her eyes are soft but capture a quality that makes us all powerful. Resilience.

“Resilience is what makes us fearless. Not just in leadership, but in life.”

I thought of the customer who had messaged me the week before on how she was thankful for our clothing, that helped her get back to health after her tough bout with breast cancer. And I thought about all the tough challenges I face every day in the running of a business.

Resilience is what makes us strong and powerful.

To all women and men, let’s learn a thing or two from the Fearless Girl — When life puts you in tough situations, Don’t Say “Why Me”, Say “Try Me.”

“Let’s lead our lives with Resilience — Stay Fearless, Stay Powerful, Stay Strong.”

Tapasya Bali

Founder & CEO


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