Founder’s Journal : What Yoga means to me

International Yoga Day is being celebrated today in over 180 countries around the world.

Yoga to me is so much more than the physical act of performing different variations of poses designed over hundreds of years that help our well being.

“Yoga is in our name for a reason. It’s in the very fabric of our being.”

I launched YOGASMOGA with my brother and in the early days, my mom would help us pack and ship orders late into the night when we didn’t have a proper warehouse set up yet.

“Yoga is about Family.”

Our first employee came to help us one day to pack a splurge of orders and hasn’t left since. She stands strong, helping us every day to move forward with every aspect of our business.

“Yoga is about Loyalty and Integrity.”

Our customers continue to support us strongly everyday with our pre-order initiatives like HaveHeart that help our factory workers. They write in to me to give suggestions, tell me why they love our products and what they want to see more of.

“Yoga is about being involved.”

Today is the perfect day to celebrate and cherish what Yoga means to me.

Happy International Yoga Day to you all.

Tapasya Bali

Founder & CEO


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