7 Common Body Language Mistakes that Event Planners Need to Avoid

Being an event planner, you need to be careful about your body language as it lets your clients, co-workers and vendors to form a view (positive or negative) about you. Event management professionals from Dubai believe that proper body language is a symbol of honesty, nobleness and confidence which create a trust among clients. Here are compiled common body language mistakes that need to be avoided for establishing yourself as a successful event planner.

Avoid weak handshakes: This is one of the most common mistakes which shows low confidence. It creates a bad impression and makes you look weak. Firm handshakes convey that you are capable to fulfill all requirements. Sweaty hands also may let you to do weak handshake, so dry them before meeting the person.

Keeping cross arms: According to the professionals from event planning companies in Dubai, many claim that they feel comfortable in cross arms position during meetings. But, however, it shows that you are nervous, negative or unwilling to negotiate. Sometimes, it can be taken as you are rude. Uncrossed arms position shows that you feel relaxed and open to the other person’s suggestions.

Don’t lean back: This particular body language shows that you are uninterested and day dreamy person. This type of posture is considered offensive at all times especially while communicating with the clients as it may show that you are not concerned about the discussion.

Stop slouching: Slouching position means standing or sitting in a drooping posture which makes you appear weak, lazy and unenergetic. Event management is known as a high-energy profession so it is extremely important for every event planner to look energetic for creating a good impression. So, always stand and sit with your back straight and shoulders back. Party organisers in Dubai say that this helps you look capable and energised.

Hiding your hands: Keeping your hands into your pockets while standing may be common, but it conveys a bad message. It also shows that you are hiding something.

Avoid fidgeting: This may annoy the person who is communicating with you. Making small movements with hands and legs show nervousness, anxiety and dishonesty. So while meetings and conversations, it is better to avoid such things that distract clients.

Exaggerated gestures: This type of body language can make you look arrogant and over-smart. So, never ever get so carried away with your hands that send wrong signals and messages to anyone.