8 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate giveaways remind your guests a wonderful experience of events. Corporate gifts are a powerful marketing tool as every time customers use them, they advertise your brand. Professionals from event companies in Dubai suggest to choose cool and useful giveaways for attendees. This not only encourages customers to use them but also it will invite curiosity and questions from others.

Here are some trendy, impressive and budget-friendly gift ideas for your event.

  • Customised notebooks: They have been in trend from many years as people like notebooks very much. You can optimise notebooks by adding elements like calendars, essential phone numbers, etc. Some online suppliers provide custom notebooks so you can print your business logo and brand message on them.
  • Coloring books for grownups: Adult colouring books are also attractive and useful gift for your attendees. They are available in a wide range. Colouring books on superheroes, Disney, tribal, animals and forests are the best options to choose from.
  • Chocolates: Most people love chocolates. However, you should choose healthy chocolates as they will also appeal health conscious people. Chocolates come in different shapes and flavours and fit in all kinds of budgets.
  • Travel chargers: Top companies that provide event management services in Dubai recommend to choose USB sticks as gifts. In this digital world, they are extremely useful for everyone. They are smaller, faster and durable. Moreover, they can be replaced with travel chargers.
  • Virtual gifts: Virtual swag is also a good option especially where attendees have to travel. They take up the minimal space. They are less expensive and nicely promote brands. E-gift cards, eBooks, apps, gift codes and online game access are some of the great examples of virtual gifts.
  • Branded cookies: You can also choose cookies, cakes and brownies with your message printed on top. They are also budget friendly as you can get attractive discounts on bulk orders.
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker: This is also an affordable and useful item. Your guests can easily carry it around anywhere which makes your corporate logo more visible. You can choose China made products as they are affordable and durable.
  • Wine: A giveaway is an opportunity to create an everlasting impression on your attendees. Wine is one of the great cool gift options for your guests. In trade shows and conferences, many people need some little glass of wine to refresh a mood. So, you can provide them a small vine box and make your attendees feel warm inside.