The Most Common Event Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Event management in Dubai is big! If well executed, an event — social or corporate, can go a long way in building your reputation. Here is a checklist for a successful campaign:

Do not overload the event with guest speakers

Creative events in Dubai are often overloaded with guest speakers. That is a big mistake. Too many speakers will invariably bore the attendees. An unenthusiastic audience isn’t at all comforting for the speaker either. The prime motive of a public event is to broaden networks and social circles. Limiting the number of speakers to just one or two will help in retaining the interest of the audience, while sparing sufficient time for some networking.


A very important thing to keep in mind is that things will seldom go exactly as planned. Even the best event management companies in Dubai have to deal with last minute hiccups. A thorough supervision of the preparation well in advance, will ensure enough time for any modification that may be needed. It will also prevent you from getting stressed-out prior to the event. Venue readiness, spelling on company’s name, caterer’s preparation etc. are some of the things which require careful attention.

Discuss the Plans with Clients

Miscommunications are very common when planning events. It happens very frequently, that a client wants something, and something else is delivered. Such situations can be avoided through in-person meetings. Two things are of timeless appeal to clients: on-schedule accomplishments; and a knowledge of the developments — as they happen. It is necessary to keep clients updated regularly, so that there is little room for proceeding too far forward in the wrong direction.

Have Plan B

Discuss an alternate plan, for any case of eventuality, with your client. When something goes wrong, the panic button goes off instantly. Your preparedness will provide a great deal of assurance.

Be Prepared for Changes

Changes to a plan may well affect the on-going process, time-frame, and eventually overall cost of the event. An efficient event management software can help you calculate the budget and the consequences of any sudden change quickly — facilitating easy adjustments.


Last but not least, follow up with a feedback immediately after the event. Take note of the things that were much appreciated, as well as those that could have been better. An event planning software could help you enormously in this regard too. Utilizing the feedback of a concluded event will surely increase the chances for the next to be a greater success.

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