Introducing Tapes Beta

Today we are wrapped to announce our Tapes Beta. We are opening our doors to share the first features of our platform with artists, managers and labels. Skip to the bottom if you want to take part in our Beta, or keep reading to learn more about Tapes.

Tapes is a fresh take on how we collectively listen to music in the moment.”

What problem are we solving?

We want to bring each of us together in how we experience and discover our music.

Why is this problem worth solving?

The apparent endless catalog of music has spread clutter in the digital space. Each artist holds a closing window to excite or build a relationship with their fans. We rely heavily on algorithms to discover music, rather than recognise the knack of some of the best music curators — our friends and favourite artists. This has diminished the value we place on our music and tarnished the opportunity each growing artist has to earn a living. This means less recognition and stability for artists, and less music for each of us.

How will we solve this problem?

We are building a platform that will provide you better channels to discover and share your music, with an emphasis on human direction. This means a modern take on the cassette culture to experience your music in real time with friends; a straightforward approach for growing artists to earn a living, with direct purchases between the artist and fan; and empowering artists with useful and reliable information, in order to reach the people who value their artistry.

How does Tapes work?

With Tapes you can curate your own music live stream compilation. Here, you can listen to and chat about the music in real time with your friends and favourite artists. We call this a tape. If you enjoy the music you are listening to, you can purchase the track straight from the tape. Tapes is a feed of each tape curated by your friends and favourite artists.

How to sign up for Tapes Beta

If you are an artist, manager or label, drop an email to with your full name and why you are interested in taking part in the Tapes Beta. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you can’t be a part of Tapes Beta, don’t worry! Tapes will be open to all in the near future.

Thank you!

We can’t wait to show you what’s around the corner. Let’s work together to foster the value of music and continue to empower artists and fans by facilitating stronger relationships. If you have any feedback or questions, please drop an email to or

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