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Tapp That App
Feb 29, 2016 · 3 min read

Have you ever been looking at your friend using an app and find yourself thinking, “I’d Tap That App?”

Well, now you shout it from the rooftops. You can covet your neighbor’s App, and they can check out yours. Big names and influencers can push apps, but seeing it in their app collection is an unmistakable endorsement that it is on their phone and they tapped it. Within your circle of friends, People you follow and who follow you on Twitter gain access through Tapp That App to your App Collection, and the fun begins.

The way we use phones today is one of the strangest parts of our modern world. Like a car, it is personal and public, a major investment of time and energy; it is a device many of us live on. And yet, it can be difficult to share some of our most important experiences because the people we want to interact with may be behind the curve on an app we love or busy with an app we don’t know about.

That’s why the world is ready for Tapp That App: through an intimate, interactive sharing experience, a user can scroll through the apps their friends want them to see, and by marking their own apps with distinctive heart icons, they can create a scrollable experience for their friends. You can get on the same page by sharing apps you love and see what you’re missing on other’s people’s phones.

Tapp That App allows you to invite people into your experience of your phone and mobile media. You can design what they see and present your vision of how to get the most out of these devices.

In many ways it is like remotely accessing a friend’s phone — the parts they want you to see. A user can let their contacts know they love a particular news website, or a messaging service, or game, or tool. In this age of personal branding, it may be important to show others what you use, that you are an early adopter, and alternately, what you may fallen out of Tapp with.

A community can grow around sharing app experiences with astonishing speed, and the ability to see what is hot as it gains Tapps allows users to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest technology. Connecting to the Google Play Store allows the user to get Tapped Apps as soon as the user’s thumbs can manage it.

Tapp That App is not just a fun and informative user experience, it is an App developer’s dream: the hardest part for an App rollout is showing people there are other users, that communities can and will pop up, and simply getting the word out. Tapp That App solves all of these problems for a developer by being able to track in real time the birth and growth of your app’s use by its most enthusiastic users: those who want others to know they use it and who wish more people did.

Get on the same page with friends: Share the apps you love.

Check out this sweet App . . . I’ll Tapp That.

Tapp That App

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We’re a new social, app discovery platform that allows you to see the favorite apps of people you follow on Twitter. Available on Google Play. #tappthatapp